Beach Essay Conclusion

I thought this essay was grand. Nicely evocative, well-organized, with a good command of language. The author worked hard to include sensory details, which were sensitively described.

When all the pressure and worries about life are on your shoulder, there is always some place you can go to escape.
> usually you should delete "always." It can often be a sign that what you are saying is logically false.
> Try to rephrase the basic idea
When the pressures and worries of life are weighing you down, it's important to have some place you can go to escape,

Just by going to this one spot can relieve you from all the troubles and stress that is occurring.
(this sentence is better off if it is a continuation of the previous one)
one spot that can ease your mind.

For me, the beach takes away all my problems.
> End the sentence on the word that matters.
For me, that place is the seashore.

It is not just the beach, but the things that surround it soothes me.
> I can't see the difference between the concept "being at the beach" or "the beach" -vs- "the things that surround me."
Every aspect of an ocean beach soothes me.

The first warm feeling of that wet smooth soft sand beneath my feet, seeking between my toes is comforting.
> "seeking" is such an unusual word choice that I think it might be an accident.
> But if so, it was a lucky one.
> too many adjectives for "sand." Delete the one or two most boring.
The first warm feeling of that soft wet sand seeking between my toes is comforting.

As I stroll along, I take in the calm and quite atmosphere that circles me.
> quiet, not quite.
> this sentence is so poorly developed that I think you should delete it
> It's too generic to carry its own weight

I then look in front of me, I could see the red light at a far distance flashing quickly to guide the boats to shore
Far out at sea, steadfastly-flashing beacons are guiding a boat safely to the shore.
> Because this sentence has a "symbolic" or "significant" tone to it, it might be good to keep it in mind as a possible concluding sentence.

The only thing I can hear is the sound of the deep waves smacking onto the shore and then gently moving back into the deep blue sea.
> "smacking" really won't do here. You could possibly hear the sound of a small child smacking a jellyfish with his sand shovel.
> "gently moving back" is not an audio
> "deep blue sea" is trite
> tie the observation into the main idea of the essay
> Work harder to find a way to describe the sound of ocean waves
The rushing of breaking combers and the small patter of laplets mingle with the distant mew of the gulls. It calms me to hear the swish and sigh of the retreating waves.

In that moment, I stop to close my eyes, feeling the wind caress my skin as it whistle pass my ears.
> "caress my skin" is too trite
> "whistle past my ears" is excellent, because that is exactly what the wind at the beach does. But not when it's caressing your skin.
> The frolicsome wind buffets and scours my sun-stung skin, and whistles past my ears.

As I sit there, I imagine myself as a seagull endlessly wandering in the wind without a care.
> I can imagine myself lifted on air like the gulls, wandering in the wind without a care.
> Possibly "wandering" is not the best choice here. I think you should try to find a way to describe how the gulls tilt and rudder on invisible columns of air, far above earth-bound cares -- something like that.
(I can't come up with anything fresh because my mind got jammed with memories of this excellent poem:
John Gillespie Magee, Jr. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I take in a deep breath, and inhale the fresh smell of the sea. As I exhale, I can feel the weight of stress leaving me.
> Possibly "take in a deep breath" and "inhale" are too alike for you to use them both.
> "fresh smell" isn't good enough
I fill my lungs with the vivid air, crisp with salt and twinkling with sparks of ozone. As I exhale, I can feel the weight of my worries leaving me.

In that one little moment nothing else matters.
(This is good -- just delete "to me.")

A smile then rise upon my face, as I open my eyes to see those little bright shining stars on a night where there is not a cloud in the sky.
> You just jumped from the beach to the night sky.
> Just delete this
> If this is a description of a night beach, you should stress that earlier: the phosphorescent curls of white lifting out of the black sea, the lonely whistle of the wind, the stars and distant beacons the only lights in the blackness, the moon road, etc.

All of these things are everlasting beauties that most people don’t pay any attention. When I am there I feel like I am in heaven, relaxed and secured. The start of a new life is what I can see ahead of me, leaving the past behind.
> It is not unusual to have trouble with conclusions.
> A lot of the time, it's better just to end at the natural end than it is to stagger off with a lame conclusion.
> In this case, mere luck got a good closing sentence (Far out at sea, the steadfastly-flashing beacons are guiding a boat safely to the shore.)
> But a perfectly fine end of the essay could just as well have been: In that one little moment nothing else matters.
> It would sound perfectly fine to end it there.
> If you need a hgher word count, you could talk about the sights -- "the creamy foam, the sun-spangled water" or the way the sun is an equal master of the environment (along with the water) -- the sun bakes your cares away, etc.
> But you would put this "additional sensory detail" in front of the concluding sentence (In that one little moment nothing else matters. -or- Far out at sea, steadfastly-flashing beacons are guiding a boat safely to the shore.), not after it.

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Beach Descriptive Essay - Lets Play with Associations

So, what associations do you have with the word «beach»? First answer for majority of people, I’m sure, will be sea and summer, as we are used to explore the beach during our vacations period and only few of us are lucky enough to live near the seaside and contemplate breathtaking scenery all around the year. The second will be relaxation, as a main privilege that is given during the seaside weekends. And even if you have a lot of tasks, for example writing an essay, our professional team will write it for you with pleasure.  If we go further, for ones it will be warm sand, foam parties, cocktails and dancing, for others – swimming and sunbathing, reading the book, idly turning the pages, in other words – a total relax. That one, who doesn’t accept the idea of passive rest, associates the beach with volleyball playing, jogging during the sun rise, Frisbee, water attractions and meeting new people. For those, who have a romantic spirit, beaches offer amazing sunsets, enigmatic lunar path and night bathing, a sky full of stars, which can’t be seen in the sultry metropolis and majestic sea or ocean breath, by which you are accompanied everywhere.

To know more details about our service:

In general, people can be divided in two types (if you want to find forward detailed psychological human characteristics, it’s better for you to read an informative essay on archetype, as here all will be rather simple): those who admire «classic» packet holiday with its special clean and comfortable beaches and all accommodation, and those, who choose an unusual touristic destination and prefer wild beaches. It can be even a kind of psychological test, to determine the level of your courage, as you definitely should be brave enough for visiting wild beach! Unexplored bottom of the sea or ocean, the mixture of sand, stones or even rocks on the seashore, absence of the lifeguards – it’s not even the half of all wild beaches’ minuses.  Nevertheless, if they are so dangerous, why they are chosen by more and more people nowadays, you may ask me, the answer will be very easy: the tendency to globalization (international integration) and urbanization (increase of the cities dimension) separates people from the nature (extremely strongly this tendency is developed in the Western civilization, hence this enormous popularity of any kinds of Oriental spiritual practices, yoga and so on). In the last decade people finally began to understand it, thereby they are trying to return to the origins in the hands of nature. So if you want to get in touch with wild nature in order to restore you energy, you are welcome to visit a desert beach, but you should hurry up as it becomes more and more popular and soon so-called «wild beaches» will be unfortunately occupied by hundreds of tourists.  

What Сan Be Easier Than Choosing a Beach?

The answer is almost everything! And if you think, that all beaches are the same and consider this question to be rather banal, than you completely do wrong! I’m sure you can’t even imagine all diversity and beauty of world’s beaches. While choosing an ideal holiday destination, tourist should take into consideration the beach location, the quality of the sand and, of course, the variety of sea or ocean characteristics. To facilitate your choice, our essays writing team has composed for you a top list of most unusual and marvelous beaches of the world, so just don’t get lost!

Our service also proposes you to discover a top list of crime books, in order to spend the time getting to your holiday destination with pleasure.

1. Black beach. Sounds strange, isn’t it? Usually the black sand has a volcano origin so if you want to explore this type of beach you are welcome as it exists in different Earth corners, where the volcano activity once took place. Hawaii, Vik Beach in Iceland, Oneuli Beach in Maui are waiting for the visitors! A blue water, crystal clear sky and… black sand, unusual but unforgettable experience!   

2. White beach. Australia offers you a great possibility to visit white sand beaches, which even were contributed to the Guinness Book of Records. By the way, white sand doesn’t absorb the sun heat, so the visitors shouldn’t worry about burning their feet!

3. Red beach in Greece. The sand there is also of volcanic origin, as well as general number of landscapes. So plunge into the atmosphere of austere desert Island and make your friend jealous posting plenty of amazing photos on the red sand in the Facebook! But be sure that the lion's share of your attention is given to the nature not online friends. Otherwise use this essay on Facebook addiction to get rid of your obsession and enjoy real life.

4. Glass beach in California. Don’t be afraid of cutting your feet there as sea has carefully shaped the glass wastes in piece of art. Now this beach, once abandoned, is believed to be one of the most extraordinary world’s holiday destination and the best motivating example for people to care about environment. Do you want to find a solution for ecologic problems of the Earth? Familiarize with our global warming argumentative essay and find out what to do.

5. Cathedral Cove Beach of New Zealand. This place attracts the tourists with its unusual seashore relief which includes not only sandy beach, but also a plenty of picturesque caves situated directly in the water. I’m supposed that everyone has seen at least one photo taken there as it is one of the places in the whole world, adored be the photographers.

6. The Jervis Bay in Australia. Maybe the best place for the lovers to spend their weekends, as at night an ordinary sea becomes luminescent because of chemical reaction of the plankton.  So be ready never to forget this awesome view!

7. Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique. For the true introverts the nature offers the most waste and desert beach of the world, where you have no need to meet other people.  This destination will make you feel like you are only man in the world, engage you into the nature-connected activities like fishing and watching the virgin animals.

To conclude with, our world is really amazing!  And it’s a great pity that mankind often takes it for granted and give to the nature nothing in return. Did you like this descriptive essay of the beach? On our professional online written service you can order an essay on different topics. 

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