Should Australia Use Nuclear Power Essay

  • No nuclear power!!!

    The leak in Japan killed many people. If there is a leak it can kill fish like in Japan. It costs a lot of money to build and take care of the plants. We don't even need it because we can just use windmills, solar energy, Geothermal energy, Hydroelectric power, and bio-fuels. We can even put windmills in the ocean so it doesn't take up space on land.

  • It's risky and toxic.

    Though the use of nuclear power does have significance, it's risky. Nuclear power is toxic and un-natural. It pollutes the earth with harmful and deadly waste that alters our surroundings. Too much nuclear energy could destroy the world and everything on it. In the wrong hands it could be used for war. How is that a plus? Just because you win, you lose also; but the impact it has is for worse. We lose lives, money, creation and time. Nuclear power effects the environment. Mother nature is important and essential to our well-being. We're lost without its resources. Nuclear power has many disadvantages, the main two sum up my argument. 1) The money it takes to produce and acquire nuclear power, we could use that money to benefit something far more appropriate like colleges, hospitals, jails, etc. than waste it on nuclear power which in the end is a threat to human life all by itself. We lose more than we GAIN. And 2) Creation, there's more out there than destruction and devistation. We should not use nuclear power unless it was our LAST hope.

  • No, Afterlife Is A Dirty Thing

    Nuclear power is messy. It produces waste that has a that takes forever to become less and less toxic. More nuclear power plants means more of this sort of waste. The question becomes how do you manage that waste? It becomes a generational question, and that is not fair to future generations.

  • No we shouldn't use nuclear power.

    We have a lot of other useful energy sources we can use for power. They include: wind power, solar power, and water power. Also, some people can get cancer from the radiation inside the power plant. And, if terrorists get a hold of it they could blow up other countries. Thats why I think we SHOULDN'T use nuclear power.

  • NO!! Costly and dangerous!!

    Nuclear energy is a good source of electric energy, but is it really worth the cost??? It's not just about money, but rather the effect it has on the Earth. The effects are: water, air, greenhouse gases, and health concerns for people and animals. The pollution from nuclear waste doesn't leave the air or soil quickly, but lasts for many years. So I think with these facts that we should not have nuclear energy because of its great danger to the planet.

  • Nuclear Power NO WAY

    It's not right to use nuclear power because in our economy's current position and the debt of over $13,000,000,000,000 just to make one would cost $12,000,000,000- $18,000,000,000 also there are other energy sources out there that would cost less to make one therefore spending less to make more of other types of energy than to make one of nuclear.

  • We should NOT use nuclear power!

    We should not use nuclear power because it is expensive. Yea it can generate a lot of power and MAY work but there is a higher chance that it is not gonna work. We shouldn't be spending trillions of dollars if something probably isn't gonna work! Also we haven't found a way to "Detoxify" it.

  • I don't think we should use nuclear power

    I don't think we should use nuclear energy because its VERY dangerous. If you live near a nuclear energy power plant you are at risk all the time, the plant can blow up at any time if someone makes a little mistake. People are making dangerous weapons that can harm use. Nuclear energy is polluting the air. 1500 people die each year from the pollution it causes. I feel their is no need for nuclear energy and we can live without it.

  • Nuclear power is complicated, costly, dangerous, and not the answer.

    Nuclear power is extremely expensive to build and maintain. The building and restarting has cost the industry trillions of dollars. Nuclear power always contaminates water supplies with radioactive substances. We have many examples of this occurring , like in Japan. This brings up the point that there really is not a safe way to mine and process nuclear materials, let alone store it. Though we can have backups and safety precautions, that would definitely add to the increasing price tag. It always will not 100% guarantee safety. The risks are simply too high. Nuclear power will increase the risk of exposure to radioactive materials which can be deadly and cause health problems such as cancers. Most importantly we already have wind, solar and other CLEAN,renewable resources that have costed much less.

  • Nuclear Power Can Be Deadly

    No we shouldn't use Nuclear power. It is deadly and dangerous to our world. I'll admit that it doesn't release Carbon Dioxide, but if we were to, say, put a Nuclear site in Nevada, thousands of tons of Nuclear waste, taken in trucks would go through Saint Louis every day, causing deaths, sickness, and possibly mutations. Not only that, but Radioactive waste is the cause of 1% of the worlds cancer, which may seem small but can add up to a lot of deaths and mourning. Also Radioactive waste take over 10000 years to deteriorate. Plus, where would we store that waste? What if those trucks carrying waste crash or become targets to terrorists.
    All in all, the cons far outnumber any pros. Think about it. Every time we put up a nuclear plant, we just cause more deaths, sickness and problems for our world.

  • Good morning everyone,

    I am ......., speaking to you concerning the topic of whether Australia should use Nuclear Power or not. The problem we are facing is that global warming is increasing, which is very dangerous for our behalf. We are the main cause of global warming, as the ozone layer is deteriorating, but I feel that there are other ways to help it rather than using Nuclear Energy.

    Let's face it, global warming is always going to be an issue, whether we have Nuclear Energy or not. There is always going to be pollution whether it be from cars, power plants, factories etc.. Global warming cannot

    be stopped, but sure, it can be decreased. If we installed nuclear plants we would have to some how discard the left over rods. These rods are highly radioactive. If there is a possible leak this can lead to worse problems and can have an influence on global warming. If we were to have say 30 nuclear plants in Australia, where would all the radioactive rods go? At the moment they are being put away, underground, in the middle of Australia, where the ground is barren and waterless. But eventually this space will run out and I doubt the public will want to have radioactive rods in their back yard. Still after 60 years, scientists still don't know how to safely dispose the rods. It's not very convincing that they aren't going to leak.

    Water restrictions are affecting us greatly at this current time. Our dam levels are around 36% in Melbourne. If we were to use nuclear power our dam levels would decrease quite a bit, as the power plants use large amounts of water. Which brings another point. Our nuclear plants would all by situated on the coasts, which are some of our major tourist attractions. Do you really think a nuclear plant would be a nice surrounding when at the beach? Plus, it costs about $2 million per generator, which is a vast amount of money for energy, if we are planning to buy 30 of them. This could put our government in debt. They should be looking at current issues like water restrictions. They could be importing water with that money and dissolve the problem, but instead they quarrel over whether our energy is more important.

    Our country is also dealing with terrorist threats. If they were to blow up a nuclear plant, it would completely wipe out Australia's energy. Last November, the Australian government arrested 18 Islamic terrorists, who allegedly plotted to blow up Australia's only nuclear plant. There is nothing we


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